Perfecting the fine heART of Living

“Church” as we knew it has changed! All across the earth, the Body of Jesus Christ is rapidly migrating away from the religious forms handed down over centuries and becoming the life-giving entity it was designed to be. A powerful and mature expression of the nature and character of God is now visible as the pristine standards of Heaven are held high for all to see. It is a beautiful day in the Kingdom of God.

Precision Centre is a church community committed to accurate lifestyle representation of the truth contained in the Word of God and to completing His purposes in the earth. Our church is based in the Caribbean island of Antigua and is led by a team of elders: Wingrove Spencer, Cleofoster Spencer and Newton Charles. Wingrove Spencer is the Senior Elder.

Precision Centre is a member of Congress WBN, a global faith-based organization affecting human, social and national transformation throughout the earth.

We celebrate the values of covenant relationship and shared life, with each part doing its share in love for development and benefit of all.