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The Mobile App Building Initiative was a 2011 activity born out of a collaborative effort between Precise Development Foundation (PDF) and the Brightpath Foundation to deliver mobile app training to the youths of KCN Antigua. In that year Precision Centre was visited by the Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) of Congress WBN and Bright Path Foundation founder Mr. Bevil Wooding and other members of his team to conduct an Android App Building Workshop, but even more importantly to establish the Kingdom Context for the App Building initiative that would be stewarded by PDF going forward.

Educational Assistance Initiative

Educational Assistance Initiative

A Precise Development Foundation Initiative

Over the past few years, partners of Precision Centre have provided considerable assistance for children who negotiated Common Entrance, CSEC and CAPE examinations. A level of assistance was also afforded student candidates at the State College and ABIT levels. This programme was birthed to bridge a gap between the material delivered in the classroom and the level of knowledge required to be successful in external assessments. The performance of students has much improved as a result of the assistance extended.

Precise Development Foundation

Precise Development Foundation (PDF) Inc is a registered non-profit organisation established to make a meaningful and significant contribution to nation building. It positively impacts the various people groups in Antigua and Barbuda through practical values-based initiatives. PDF carries the vision of enhancing the process of community and nation-building through the development of men, youth, and families.

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