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The Mobile App Building Initiative was a 2011 activity born out of a collaborative effort between Precise Development Foundation (PDF) and the Brightpath Foundation to deliver mobile app training to the youths of KCN Antigua. In that year Precision Centre was visited by the Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) of Congress WBN and Bright Path Foundation founder Mr. Bevil Wooding and other members of his team to conduct an Android App Building Workshop, but even more importantly to establish the Kingdom Context for the App Building initiative that would be stewarded by PDF going forward.

In this regard the Mobile App Development Initiative, is designed to combat and eradicate a consumer based mentality whereby youths of the Caribbean see themselves primarily as consumers of US developed technological content and instead replacing it with a paradigm that is driven by a sense of empowerment that our regional youths have the capacity and resources to become technology pioneers and producers of global consumed digital content.

The Mobile App Development Initiative focuses primarily on values-based development so that through the process of producing relevant mobile apps that allow access to indigenous content our youths are also embedded with principles of collaboration, sacrifice, personal integrity, strong faith and other values that govern our Congress World. It is therefore a conduit for impacting the technological sectors of Antigua by producing highly functional mobile app builders with exceptional ethical, moral and operational standards whose skillsets will be in increasing demand within the next few years.

The Mobile App Development Initiative is designed to and continues to break down all traditional barriers that seek to impose any limitations on app building among our youths. It has overcome the gender barrier as both male and female youth have benefited from mobile app training since the initiative commenced in 2011. It has circumvented financial restrictions by utilizing open source tools and universal accessible tools of Java, Eclipse and the Android platform as the primary delivery mechanisms and has broken down the paradigm of building in isolation by providing contributing participants to the World Bank technological seminars held in Antigua, that were designed to shape the allocation of resources to regional mobile app development initiatives across the globe.

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