Educational Assistance Initiative

A Precise Development Foundation Initiative

Over the past few years, partners of Precision Centre have provided considerable assistance for children who negotiated Common Entrance, CSEC and CAPE examinations. A level of assistance was also afforded student candidates at the State College and ABIT levels. This programme was birthed to bridge a gap between the material delivered in the classroom and the level of knowledge required to be successful in external assessments. The performance of students has much improved as a result of the assistance extended.

In the first quarter of 2013, Precise Development Foundation (PDF) conducted an in-depth analysis of the educational service. Consequently, PDF embarked on a project to define structure in the areas of course content and admissions assessment, and to improve on methods of content delivery, student assessment, and succession tracking. This resulted in an increased value of the assistance offered as well as expanding the base of recipients of the service.

The Educational Assistance Initiative (EAI) is intended to function as a supplement to the current offerings of the educational system of the Antigua and Barbuda. It is not intended to replace, or operate as an alternative to the government-operated educational system. Precise Development Foundation recognizes that there are some areas of deficiency in the current system and has therefore developed the EAI to support the government's programme or 'come alongside' with requisite resources to contribute to the overall development of the students of the nation and to positively impact nation building.

The primary objective is to provide learning opportunities and wholesome support to students in need of educational assistance who would not ordinarily be able to access such assistance, developing their knowledge and skills and empowering them to make sound decisions and choices in education.

Tutoring sessions take varied formats depending on individual student learning styles, content being covered and the assessment format being prepared for. Sessions include review of topics currently being covered in school, practical exercises, quizzes, assessments, video tutorials and more.

Tutorials are offered in the following disciplines:
- Physics
- Mathematics
- Biology
- Spanish
- Principles of Business
- English A
- Chemistry
- Accounts
- Integrated Science
- A level Math
- A Level Physics
- Grade 6 National Assessment:
o Math, English, Social Studies, Science

Additional courses for the Fall of 2013 are currently being explored as well as the acquisition of the tutors for these courses. Some of these courses include:
- Principles of Marketing
- Economics
- Agricultural Science
- English B (Literature)
- History
- Independent Study Support Programme

Online Discussion Groups: This service will be available for students at the CSEC, CAPE, College/university levels where specific topics can be discussed, research and information can be shared amongst all persons in that group. An electronic mail discussion group, referred to a message board will be created for each person within specific disciplines of study. The service provides a central e-mail address as a means to broadcast a message to a discussion group. When a message is sent or posted to a message board, it is distributed to all the subscribers on the list. Persons can respond at will to the message. Messages will be visible to all subscribers on the list.

Resource Library: A comprehensive resource library will be developed and maintained by PDF which will provide technological teaching tools, electronic and print materials, audio and video recordings of classes in modular format, and computer related programs for teachers, tutors and students enrolled in the program. This ensures an exceptional learning experience for students in the classroom and beyond. The EAI will also facilitate regularly scheduled Family Literacy, Workforce Education, and Professional Development courses and resource material. These networking opportunities will facilitate the exchange and sharing of information within the community.

The success of the initiative is assessed annually and is gauged and determined by the following factors/targets:
1. Students are provided with, on average, three hours of wholesome contact time per subject per week.
2. Student's performance rating increase by at least one letter grade relative to their initial rating/assessment at the start of the programme.
3. Students meet or exceed the performance standards of educational assessment at the respective levels, ie. Common Entrance, CSEC, CAPE

The Educational Development Initiative is dedicated to supporting and working with students and communities in order to help young persons reach their full potential.

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