The leaders of the Youth Department have been mandated to
(i) build the youth dimension of Precision Centre
(ii) create the accurate environment for the growth and maturity of our youths
(iii) plan and execute activities and programs that will aid in discovering, activating and developing our youth
(iv) build a holistic process that will be executed in context of the whole community.

The leadership of the youth department is committed to ensuring that this mandate is accurately carried out.

The Leadership:
The core leadership team of the PC youth is lead by Anthony Spencer and includes Newton Charles, Rochester Browne, Henry Hazel, Caron Roberts and Patricia Christian. Additionally three resource persons provide further leadership support. They are Embler Spencer, Hyacinth Pestaina and Shema Roberts. The team meets regularly to facilitate both personal and corporate development as well as to plan, execute and review the activities of the youth sessions.

The Membership:
Once youths have completed primary school, they begin attending youth sessions. These are held on Fridays from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Generally, between sixty to seventy youths attend the weekly sessions and with ages currently ranging from about 11 years to about 25 years.

The Process:
Everything that happens in the youth sessions links back to the mandate of the youth department to ensure a pristine environment where youths continue to develop holistically. The current emphases in the community are often broken down and revisited during youth sessions.

Worship is an important aspect of life and is carefully nurtured in the sessions. In keeping with Jesus' instruction to first seek God's kingdom, significant emphasis is placed on fostering the spiritual development of our youths. They are continually being equipped to function effectively in a Babylonian context but from an internal platform based on clearly identified kingdom values and principles.

Over the years, youths have been trained in diverse areas such as mobile app building and public speaking. A wide variety of activities are engaged as latent talents continue to be unearthed and nurtured. The youth department continues to prepare young people to become purpose driven adults fully committed to advancing God's kingdom on earth.

Perfecting the fine heART of living!


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