Meira is the name that identifies Precision Centre's women's ministry. This people group was launched on Sunday May 3, 2011 by our Senior Elder Wingrove Spencer. The name Meira is of Hebrew origin and it means (a) one who illuminates and (b) giving light.

The launch of this people group took place during a very significant moment in Precision Centre's journey with Congress WBN. It was the time when the entire Congress ( was engaged in Tracking Final Maturity. This provided us with an excellent context and platform on which to launch the women's ministry. During the launch Pastor commissioned a five member committee to coordinate and manage the operations of the people group. The committee members are Valerie Spencer, Sandra Joseph, Alicia Cornelius, Rosalind Beazer and Cathrona Samuel. Meira's starting context is definitely not based on the traditional concept of women's ministry but we have sought to give God room to express His nature and character within this body of women. Some of the emphases arising out of the launch were.

• Our name (Precision Centre) should never mock us therefore, we are mandated to always walk in a sharpened sense of accuracy
• The prophetic Definers 'Management', 'Distribution' and 'Thoroughness' should always be kept in the forefront of our minds
• Gravitas – Pastor Spencer challenged us to have depth of character and strength. That was illustrated by the imagery of the iceberg. The word 'gravitas' captures the iceberg principle, which illustrates who we should be. It translates as "as weight, seriousness, dignity, or importance, and connotes a certain substance or depth of personality."

Meir's sessions are built on five architectural platforms viz,

• Message Review,
• Prayer,
• Women's Health,
• Foreign Policy [Global Events]
• Divine Intrusion.

Sessions are held every third Sunday within the month at Precision Centre from 5:00-6:30 p.m. We have sought to be very creative and practical in the way we present the current word of the Lord to the women of Precision Centre. They have embraced this ministry wholeheartedly and look forward to the monthly sessions with great anticipation.


Perfecting the fine heART of living!


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