Age Range: 17 years and older

Mandate: To develop men who will be gateways of the divine nature to their families
To produce husbands who will love their wives as their own bodies and give themselves for them
To produce men who will be the chief servants in their home
To develop well rounded men (body, soul and spirit)


General Overview
The family was the first institution created by God, which means it is the most important thing to God. Abraham's willingness to offer his son to God, change the divine realm towards us forever. Precision Centre believes that God has called men to lead their families. This leadership is not by being bosses but good examples and stewards of their families. It requires sacrifice, collaboration with our wives and each other. We understand that this requires the highest level of transparency and men who are relational by nature. It calls for a man to value and carry each member of his heart and ensures that they fit into God's design for Precision Centre and the Congress.

We subscribe to the pattern of manhood placed before in the lives of the leaders of our Congress. This is clearly supported by scripture which encourages us to "look to the rock from which you were cut" Isaiah 51:1-2, 2 Timothy 3:10, Philippians 3:17. This is one of the most important principles by which we build our lives: submission. Christ, our ultimate pattern lived the same way.

All of these values of which we speak are practically worked out in our homes and lives on a daily basis.

Perfecting the fine heART of living!


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