The PC Consumer Cooperative Society Launch

The PC Cooperative Society was launched on April, 28th 2013. The birthing of this initiative originated in the heart and mind of the Senior Elder of Precision Centre, Wingrove Spencer; who saw this initiative as a structure to foster greater community life among its members through its operation and management.

Built on the principle of volunteerism, utilizing various skills and abilities, the Co-op offers its daily service through the sacrifice and commitment of its members; one of whom is Carol Spencer- Browne, President of the Antigua and Barbuda Cooperative League and the St. John's Cooperative Credit Union, volunteered her expertise to the management committee of the Coop as to the guidelines of forming a Cooperative in Antigua. Carol noted that " the Coop model the principle of community where it is about brother helping brother and not about individualism, but doing what is best for all."

The PC Coop has also fostered and created the environment for creativity, innovation and empowerment to emerge. Gabrielle Thomas, one of the members of Shelbies Bakery, can attest to that fact she said "I would not have started Shelbie's Bakery if the Coop was not there, it is a door opening to what I want to do in the future and there is also a lot of feedback which are very helpful". Gabrielle, just as many other members, has taken on the challenge to be innovative and produce items we consume.

A PC Co-op Committee Member, Ms. Cathrona Samuel further acknowledged that "the seed thought for the PC Coop is something Pastor Spencer has been speaking about for a number of years. In interacting with him, we came to understand that the Coop is much more than a supermarket; it represents building the ark of safety for times to come. It is a structure that will assist in minimizing waste, and it also provides the opportunity for us to be producers and not consumers. 

According to its members, "The PC Cooperative Society is just the beginning; it's the seed of a massive tree." There are aspirations for greater diversification and expansion of products, market and services for this initiative.

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