Our Vision

Precision Centre is a present-truth apostolic community with a mandate from the Lord to:

  • Function as a Core Resource Centre to decode, practice and transmit apostolic doctrine for this present global reformation.
  • Craft a people who express God through the internal realities of accurate Kingdom lifestyle in the 21st Century.
  • Function legitimately as one of the core centres of C-WBN operations within the Caribbean region.




Our primary objectives are:

  • To produce a present truth kingdom community that is totally committed to expressing the internal realities of the Kingdom of God in all dimensions of life.
  • To provide a centre for impartation, training, activation and development which will enhance the maturing process of the body of Christ.
  • To develop a worship culture that clearly expresses the reformation frequency where saints can corporately express themselves using biblical directives and patterns which permit liberty in the Spirit and divine order.
  • To develop meaningful covenant relationships with like-minded ministers, ministries and Kingdom organizations within the global Church. This is done mainly through our relationship with C-WBN.
  • To promote and facilitate the all-round development of man – spiritual, mental, social, physical, thus becoming a supernaturally natural people who can function effectively in a real world.
  • To facilitate the emergence of a people with the required maturity and skill to fulfill the divine mandate of making disciples of all nations.
  • To promote the development of Kingdom Businesses within Precision Centre whose primary objective would be effective participation of the Kingdom of God in the earth.

Perfecting the fine heART of living!


Contact Info

Precision Centre

Paynter's Estate
St. John's

Office: (268) 460-8741
Fax:      (268) 460-8742
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Session Times

Corporate Sessison 
Sundays 8:00 am

Governmental Prayer 
Wednesdays 7:00 pm

Youth Session
Fridays 06:30 pm

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