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“Church” as we know it has changed! All across the earth, the Body of Christ is rapidly migrating away from the inaccurate forms handed down over centuries and becoming the powerful, live-giving entity it was designed to be.

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“Church” as we know it has changed. We have migrated away from the inaccurate forms handed down over centuries to true biblical patterns.

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God said of Abraham, the father of faith, "I have chosen him, so that he will direct his children and his household after him." This is the pattern on which families are being built in Precision Centre. This type of family has specific characteristics:
• The parents lead by modelling the values they want their children to live by.
• It is the parents who determine the structure of the family. The children are not in charge.
• It is deliberately and consistently built; it's not left to chance.
• The parents submit to the sovereign authority of God.

Building the type of household that pleases God takes time and deliberate effort. The twenty-first century world is extremely busy. Parents often work long hours, and children’s workload at school is heavy, but the Precision Centre parents are always encouraged to take time to build. Parents won’t ‘find time’ for family; they have to ensure they ‘make time’. When one grows old and looks back on life, material and academic accomplishments won’t matter nearly as much as the relationships we would have built. The best legacy a parent can leave for his child is how to be the best father or mother that he/she can be. This will then be passed on to the next generation, and the next generation, and so on.

One might ask how this family life is practically built out. Good parents consciously love and accept each child as an individual, and refuse to compare that child with anyone else. As a result, he/she will grow up with a healthy self-esteem and would not be motivated by competition with others. This approach would also ensure that parents do not try to live out their unfulfilled dreams through their children.

Secondly, instead of just expecting and even telling children to do well academically, parents can sit with the children and support them while they do assignments and projects. This tells the children that the parents are not only concerned about the results (good grades) but value them as persons. The children are more likely to remember the support and love Daddy and Mummy provided than the grades they received.

Thirdly, nothing beats spending time having fun with each other. The strong family is one which spends lots of time together, goes to the movies and the beach together, and does lots of other things that create excellent memories for the children.

A strong family is not a good theory; it is a reality for many, and can the same be for many more.

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